Specializing in developing Cleantech Advanced Nano-Materials. 

To responsibly, sustainably and continually help mitigate the effects of anthropogenic and natural environmental impacts on air, water and soils that would otherwise cause harm to man, animals and plant life using sustainably sourced and recycled materials in a low environmental impact process that creates ongoing job opportunities and accretive shareholder value. 

Carbonix is expanding global innovative solutions through our activated carbon technology.  As an Indigenous company, we develop solutions to supporting clean technology that demonstrates the reduction of environmental impacts.  This method is a hybrid approach of science and Indigenous customary practices that promote a safe, healthy and clean environment for all people.

Indigenous Owned Development

To support our customers by providing superior products of exceptional value which help them gain a competitive advantage in their markets, through ongoing R&D to produce and develop new applications that help our customers better solve their challenges. To provide a nurturing and growth oriented environment that encourages our employees to be highly productive and to grow personally and professionally.