Paul Pede is the co-founder of Carbonix, President, and CEO.  He is an experienced executive and entrepreneur skilled in the commercialization of emerging technologies. Paul has developed Carbonix’s manufacturing process protocols and leads the research team.  His goals are to apply new sustainable processes to create high value-add products that contribute to environmental benefits, applicable to both emerging and mature market segments.
Paul understands the effort and organization required to bring an idea to fruition. With over ten years’ experience as a medical imaging software architect, Paul uses these detail oriented skills to organize and manage the development of both projects and companies. As a senior executive for two renewable energy companies and advisor to a clean energy company he helped build and execute their strategic plans for the project and organizational development as well as corporate finance.

Previously, Paul worked as a consultant in the energy sector, providing services in strategic planning, provincial policy development, project due diligence, and program management.  During this time he also developed a resource analysis and management software tool for Hydro One Networks Inc. and other Canadian utility companies.

Paul Pede

President, Chief Executive Officer

Marvin Pelletier is the co-founder of Carbonix, Executive Vice President, and Chief Operating Officer.  Marvin is a member of the Fort William First Nation and is responsible for the development and support of existing and future development of Carbonix's products, as well as management functions for the company.  

Since 2012, Marvin has been negotiating contracts, strategic planning, managing budgets and executing Indigenous Engagement with Indigenous communities.  Marvin’s background in negotiating and establishing partnerships between Industry and First Nation has resulted in a number of Joint Ventures.  Marvin’s experience in project development and community development has led to collaborations between Carbonix Inc, Industry, Government and First Nations on the piloting of Carbonix products on water that has been impacted by resource and industrial development.  In 2019 Marvin was appointed to the Ministers Mining Working Group in Ontario.

Prior to joining Carbonix, Marvin is also the Co-founder and Vice-President of Maawandoon Inc. which means to “Bring People Together”.  His experience bringing indigenous and business communities together result in new resource development and renewable energy projects that deliver enhanced prosperity for communities.  His career involves a strong background in engagement services, capacity building, strategic planning as well as project development and management.

Darren Harper is the co-founder of Carbonix, Executive Vice President, and Chief Engagement Officer. Darren is member of Red Sucker Lake First Nation and is responsible for sourcing and developing corporate strategic projects, strategic goals and outcomes, as well as management functions for the company.   

Darren is a leading specialist in National Indigenous Engagement, Consultation & stakeholder relations, through facilitating workshops and providing strategic advisory for sensitive consultations related to Indigenous Engagement activities. This has been implemented through stakeholder engagement strategies and regulatory requirements for complex projects. He has also worked with various resource extractive sectors, oil & gas energy transmission lines, innovative technology and nuclear waste. Darren has also worked on Provincial and Federal engagement contracts specific to Indigenous Peoples.

Prior to joining Carbonix, Darren is also the Co-founder and President of Maawandoon Inc. which means to “Bring People Together”.  Darren strategizes development and implements tactical approaches, including awareness and engagement campaigns, by successfully reducing risks associated with small to very large-scale infrastructure and resource projects going beyond standard approaches to create value for companies.

Darren benefits from a deep family history in politics, working within sectors of Provincial, Federal, and Indigenous governments. He is currently affiliated with the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs and attends the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues (UNPFII). Darren has great respect and admiration for his late uncle, Elijah Harper, whom Darren and Elijah had a close personal and business relationship. 

Marvin Pelletier

Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer

Darren Harper, MBA

​Executive Vice President, Chief Engagement Officer