About Our Company

Activated Carbon

Carbonix is an emerging Canadian Indigenous technology company that has developed a proprietary, environmentally friendly and disruptive process to manufacture customizable and lower cost activated carbon using sustainably sourced feedstocks.

We have been developing this process since 2011 and have been working with Trent University's department of chemistry since 2013.

Typical uses are the purification of water, air, chemicals, oil and gas, food, beverages, pharmaceuticals and other liquids and gases, such the removal of mercury in flue gas streams.

The wide variety of industries that use activated carbon products are mature and established. New applications are also emerging, such as energy storage, examples of which are ultra capacitors and adsorbed natural gas storage tanks for motor vehicles.

‚ÄčActivated carbon is used for purification and remediation compliance. It has a wide range of uses in liquid, vapour and gas phase applications where strict monitoring and threshold limits are required or mandatory. Activated carbon allows users to reduce liabilities and maintain industry and legislative compliance across a variety of industries and market segments.

Common applications include potable water filtration, mercury abatement from flu gas emissions, hydrogen sulfide removal in gas sweetening processes and fuel vapour capture from automotive emissions.